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Have you registered for this year's DLD Conference in Munich already?‍We certainly have. As usual, the DLD features an excellent array of speakers - and we are honored to participate.Get in touch with us to find out more about our talk!


We are excited to host a workshop at the PSYCH Symposium in London next week. In our workshop we will talk about the future of psychedelics in businesses and the larger impact on our society. New business will need psychedelics to be keep up with an ever changing future.

Lets talk about sex…and psychedelics!

We hear a lot about mental health and psychedelics these days. But wait, there is more. Connection and openness are also an important part you can experience on a trip. And that's really important for couples. And couples therapy. Happy Valentine's Day!

The New Health Club is where the conversation around psychedelics begins. We believe in the power of psychedelic medicine on mental health, self optimisation or simply wellbeing.

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